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About your trainer - Kirsty Lewis (DTC-CDT)

"A trained dog is a happy dog" - this is a phrase I heard as a child. It has stuck with me and I believe it is as important now as it was in the 1970s. Training is fun. Training is life. Training gives our dogs the best chance in our modern world.

Helping others achieve a happy dog, confident in its own abilities and in the world around them is my training goal. Through dog sports and 121 manners training I continue to see my clients and their dogs' confidence grow and flourish. I use modern ethical training methods and encourage handlers to respect and work with the dog in front of them.

I train my own dogs and love competing in agility and hoopers. Everyday is a learning opportunity and my dogs and I have the best time developing our skills together and demonstrating such at various country shows throughout the year.

Training available:
121 manners, life skills, obedience
Agility - group and 121
Hoopers - group and 121
Canine Rally Sport - group and 121
Puppy Classes - groups of max 6 puppies, 6 week courses


Canine Hoopers World Level 1 & Level 2 Instructor

October 2021 - Agility Club Approved Instructor (First Class)

April 2022 - qualified dog trainer accreditation with Dog Training College (DTC)

August 2022 - Puppy Specialist, (DTC)

June 2023 - Body Language Specialist (DTC)

August 2023 - Reactivity Specialist (DTC)

September 2023 - Assistance Dog Specialist (DTC)

Further CPD: CPD Dog Training Certificates

About your trainer - Katalin Toth

"Helping dogs realise their own potential through training and confidence activities"

Assistant trainer at all BTAC training classes and events for the past 5 years.


Barn Hunt International (UK) Instructor

Level 1 Canine Hoopers World Instructor