Puppy and Beginner Course

Puppy Class 6pm - 55 minute sessions

Course dates:

29th September

6th October

13th October

20th October

27th October

3rd November

Each session lasts 50 minutes and uses modern, reward based training methods. 

During our 6 week course we will guide you and your puppy through the basic exercises to give true life skills for your pets, including:

1. Loose lead walking

2. Establishing a good recall

3. Greeting people without jumping up

4. Sit and Down cues

5. How to focus on the owner

6. Leaving food and other items

7. Getting used to handling, grooming and readiness for vet checks.

8. Settling and calmness  

At the end of your course you will have learnt how to:

1. Teach your dog the desired behaviour 

2. Play and interact with your dog 

3. Be a confident handler 

4. Use everything you have learnt in everyday life

The course costs 690 for the 6 sessions, payable in advance.

To book please click this link: Puppy Class Form

For more details, please email info@btactrainingandagility.com

All puppies must have had their first full set of vaccinations; please bring the certificate to the first session.